Master Distribution Selling to Supply Houses Only


Weld Fittings A234-WPB Chrome Lo-Temp Stainless Domestic & Import

     All Schedules - All Sizes - All types incl. Stub Ends & Laterals - Galvanized too!

Forged Steel Flanges  A105 Chrome Lo-Temp Stainless Domestic & Import
     All Pressure Classes - All Sizes  Including Large O.D.

     All types including: Orifice Flanges, Paddle Flanges, Spectacle Blinds, Spacers


MSS-SP75 High Yield Fittings - Domestic

     All types - All Yield Strengths - All Sizes - All Radii


A105 Forged Steel Threaded and Socket Weld

     2000#, 3000#, 6000#, 9000# & 10000#

     All types including Outlet Fittings - Butt Weld, Threaded & Socket Weld, Adaptors

Velan Valves - Authorized Factory Distributors of all Velan Valves

     Special Trim, Actuation, Bypass, and Modifications - Factory Authorized Shops -

     Fast turnaround available. 

     GVF staff is familiar and capable of sourcing all valve & valve related products and brands.


What else:

     Pipe and Pipe bends, Tubing, Gaskets, Repair kits, Plate, DIN, Rings, Fabricated fittings,

     Saddles and Flanged fittings...  In other words, you name it.


Trouble locating an item? Give us a call. Let our resource network find it!

     Whether you are new to the industry or are an old hand, let GVF shop your needs.

     We promise we will respond quickly, professionally and increase your efficiency.


            Think of us as your industrial concierge service !!!!


     Phone: 708.371.1100 / 800.323.4479  - Fax: 708.371.1105
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           or email them at: <name>.graffvalve@gmail.com